Finale day Finland.

Left the hotel around 9 o’clock this morning for a 6 hour drive to the ferry back to Travemunde. Was a great experience. Lots of snow an ice. Can’t wait to go next year!

Ice track day 2.

This morning they weren’t sure or we could drive on the track the whole day, because the ice was melting. While we were driving there was a lot of water on the track, but still save to drive on. It was the second and last day on the track and we loved it. Pretty sure we going back next year. But then with my own car.

The ice track day 1.

So, finally after months of waiting. We drove on ice.

Our hotel is a 30 minutes drive from the ice track and on our way there we drive trough roads with a half meter snow on the road sides. Was a nice experience. Look forward to go with my own car next year. Driving the Impreza of a friend now. And you don’t want to break other people’s stuff. So have to be careful now.

But before we went we tought that you needed to have spikes with driving on ice. So we tried the first day with just winter tyres (vredestein snowtrac 5), and couldn’t believe that we still had a lot of grip. So good winter tyres + a Subaru. You can get everywhere.

Arrived in Helsinki.

After a 6 hours drive from the Netherlands to Travemunde we have sitting for 30 hours on the boot from Travemunde to Helsinki. Now we have to wait until we can get off the boot. Next stop Tervo Filnand.