Hello, my name is Koen Holl and this is the website you can follow all the history and travels of Byr the 1 million km Subaru outback.Byr, the Subaru outback with over a million kilometers on the clock with the original engine (engine has never been disassembled). When does she give up? By the looks of it a big NO from Byr.On the second of August we (Koen and Rick) would have driven 20.000 kilometers in eighty days to Japan. We have decided tot postpone this trip because of the Corona-situation. It is impossible to traverse twenty country’s on our way to Japan. In the mean time, Byr is driving all over Europe with some smaller trips to feed his everlasting appetite.If you are curious about the history of Byr, go to the menu with the tab: my Subaru’s, Byr the 1 million km Subaru.You can find all of the road trips driven by Byr on this website. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page to keep you updated on the adventures of Byr! Klik here FacebookPicture of the outback. Speedometer won’t go further than 999999. So now we use the day trip, pen and paper